Basha Market on Broadway
5-8 December 2014
Tunjungan Plaza 3 Surabaya
40.000+ Visitor Count
80 Fashion & Food Vendors

Basha’s first thematic concept inspired by the street of Broadway, presenting a unique bazaar experience with an exciting atmosphere, designed for anyone who enjoy pop culture, food, and art. Promoting local art scene and building community for everyone.

Open Space Photobooth
The very first bazaar with open space concept, pop-up photobooth with design centric and promoting local creative industry done by local illustrator.
Various vendors, startup focused from Food, Fashion, Beauty, Home Decor, Accessories, to Baby Shop.
Art Corner for Kids
Art Corner for Kids with exciting activity to introduce art, design, and colours.
Beauty Corner
Special area for beauty parlour where visitor could do fashion makeover during the event.