A further exploration of the individual’s laboratory within our mind, Basha Market – Mad Lab is designed as a labyrinth containing hundreds of room with unique ideas and creations by our ‘Mad Scientists’. Shifting away from the use of murals, Basha Market presents Basha X, a collaborative stage where ideas and experiments collide. A collaborative effort between 4 creative studios – Sciencewerk, AR&co, Main Studios & Waft Lab – this multidimensional project presents ‘What You See Is Not What You Get (WYSINWYG)’ concept spanning design, robotics and augmented reality to welcome visitors into our white lab.

Transmogrify is powered by AR&CO presents characters from Pionicon and Basha, where visitors could transform themselves into unique characters, Visitors can capture their moments and have fun with their family while visiting Basha Market. This program is also to introduce basic AR technology to general audience. The Augmented Reality technology also applied to the illustration showcased and users could play with the hidden character spread throughout the event spaces by downloading Basha Market Decoder app in Google Playstore.

Fiction is a tongue in cheek illustrated canvas by Sciencewerk. Intentionally twisted, inspired, copied, ripped from the masterpiece paintings from Leonardo Da Vinci, Michael Angelo, etc. The illustration is act as an interactive showcase where people could scan using the Basha Market app to take a fun photograph with the hidden character.

As part of our effort to evoke the creators in our audiences, Basha has collaborated with Kreavi, Indonesia’s biggest creative network, to invite the Mad Scientists in our audience to use whatever materials they can get their hands on to create the perfect robot to be exhibited during Basha Market. The top 10 creations are being exhibited right here at Basha Market as a testament to the potential of our local creative industry. Submissions are judged by representatives from Basha, Kreavi, Sciencewerk and also Dr. Ir. Achmad Affandi (Head of IT of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November) and Rudy Dikairono, ST, MT, MSc (Head of Robotics Laboratory of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November).